1) Can you speed up your metabolism?!

YES! Your Resting Metabolic Rate(RMR) is the speed in which your body burns calories at rest. To burn more body fat you want to have a higher RMR. The more muscle you add, the higher your RMR will be. Every 1 pound of muscle burns 6-10 calories and every 1 pound of fat only burns 2 calories.  Exercises to build muscle (resistance – weights, body weight) are key!

2) Does prolonged calorie restriction and excessive exercise speed up metabolism and increase weight loss long-term?

NO! A sample of obese subjects were put on a calorie restricted diet combined with excessive exercise for 30 weeks and their metabolic rate and weight were measured before, after, and 6 years after. After 30 weeks, their metabolic rate dropped by 600 and after 6 years their metabolic rate remained dropped, but by 700 (not good). After 30 weeks, their weight dropped, but they gained it all back by the 6 year measurement (likely because of the ruined metabolic rate). The take home message is that you want to exercise to build muscle and raise your metabolic rate and eat healthy food without restricting calories too much for too long.

3) Does green tea help with weight loss?
YES! Green tea contains a key component called EGCG that increases your body’s ability to break down fat. It shifts your body away from breaking down carbohydrates for energy to targeting the breakdown of body fat for energy. 2 cups of green tea per day has been shown to create this shift.