Hormone Balance Program

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  • Wake up often in the night or wake up too early?
  • Can’t drop the belly fat?
  • Many foods bother your digestive system?
  • Wake up feeling unrefreshed from sleep?

  • Feel like you’re surviving, not thriving?

  • Energy and Sleep!
  • Hard to get out of bed in the morning?
  • Energy crash in the afternoon?
  • Rely on caffeine to get through your day?
  • Hard to fall asleep?
  • Feel edgy, overwhelmed or exhausted?
  • Feel scattered, erratic or indecisive mentally?


These are all signs
your stress hormones are on overdrive!

Many people have just given in to feeling like this and over time have accepted this as their new “normal”. They just haven’t been exposed to any information explaining why they feel like this and wouldn’t know how to turn things around! This is why the biggest thing we’ve realized through working with many people is that “Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.” 

Your stress hormones are designed to help you survive threatening situations. Your brain identifies a perceived threat, which causes your body to release cortisol and adrenaline to allow you to run away or fight off the threat. The problem is that our modern way of living has put too much strain on this system. Lack of sleep, high stress work, excess blue light from electronics, shift work, too much caffeine, poor diet, physical strain, digestive inflammation, excess alcohol, intense workouts, chronic pain, relationship stress, financial strain, and many demands, are some of the main stressors. On top of this, Humans can even create a jolt to the stress system just by thinking a thought! 

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Stress: A Physical Ailment

Initially your body can keep up with the demand, but an accumulation of these stressors continue on, you start to see some common signs. You start to feel more tired. It gets harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning, and you certainly aren’t snapping out of bed. Energy crashes in the afternoon, between 2-5pm most often. You may get a second wind at night and have trouble falling asleep or start waking up often in the night. Belly fat starts to add on. Your digestive tract feels irritated or disrupted. Your mood becomes more irritable, defeated, indifferent. Focus and productivity dwindle. Lack of mental clarity and presence asserts. You are getting by and surviving, but not thriving!

Peak Energy & Deep Sleep!

You are getting by and surviving, but not thriving!

However! You can turn this around by finding out exactly what level these hormone levels are at in your body. Guessing and treating based off of the guess can definitely make it worse. Once we know your levels, we walk you through the steps to take the strain off of your hormone system, restore optimal levels, and show you how to maintain stress hormone balance for peak function.