Language and more specifically, the words and phrases you use, can have a huge impact on your outlook and your success.

“The words you attach to your experience, become your experience” – Tony Robbins

As we go through our days we have a set of “go to” words and phrases we use in a variety of situations that are mostly “filler” during conversations – things like “that’s annoying”, “it’s unfair”, “that sucks”, “never works out”, “that’s brutal”, “I can never”, “that’s frustrating”, “depressing”, “unfortunate”, “boring”, “upsetting”, “stupid”, “dumb”, “terrible”.  Seemingly harmless, but repeating them all day without even realizing could be creating your experience.

Pay attention to the words you use most commonly and see if you can swap them out for some more uplifting and positive words to allow that to become your experience.