Liver Reset Program

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  • Feel like you have a slow metabolism no matter what you do?
  • You cut down the carbs and sugar, but your weight doesn’t really improve?
  • You reduce your calories and even do some intermittent fasting but no big change either?
  • Can’t seem to get your sex hormones balanced or optimized?


These are some of the signs of liver dysfunction.

Some other ones are, fatigue, fluid retention, gas, bloating, pain or congestion under the lower right ribcage, skin dryness or itchiness, muscle pain, weakness, anger and agitation.

The liver is a Master Organ! It acts as a giant filter that filters out everything you eat, drink, and breathe in. It is the central regulator of all the metabolic processes. It activates and converts hormones. It reduces blood sugar, forms many nutrients, help digestion, and creates energy.

People often identify with many of the signs of liver dysfunction, that we definitely acknowledge, but we also want to see specific blood test values to get a baseline and measure progress. Liver enzymes, triglycerides, cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, fasting insulin, and others really help to piece together the big picture. This is also because it’s been noted that above 40% of average healthy people are rejected as liver donors because their livers were too fatty when biopsied. This is a big number of people, and these are healthy people! People don’t know that have liver dysfunction and have often gotten used to the symptoms over time, now seeing them as “normal for them because they’ve always been overweight, bloated, or irritable, etc”

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The great news is that the liver is one of the best organs from a regeneration standpoint.

You could donate 2/3 of your liver and it would grow back to its full capacity. It generally takes 2-4 weeks to clean out the liver and reset its function. Most people have never done a proper liver reset in their lives!

Boost Your Metabolism & Look Great!

We take care of all of the factors and show you exactly what to do. We teach you how to eat and what to eat in order to avoid any extra burden on the liver. We then show you the very specific building blocks of nutrients that you need to up-regulate your liver function to flush our old deposits and reset it fully. For Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver function, your body needs certain amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. 

The biggest improvements we usually see within the first 14 days are waist loss (inches) and weight loss. We also see digestion getting better, skin looking much more clear and vibrant, mood and vitality improving, and hormones being reactivated.