To perform at your best you need to get your mind right!  At the foundational level you need to get your body working optimally internally first: hormone system – digestive system – detox system. On top of this, to go to the next level, there are a certain class of nutraceuticals/supplements called “nootropics” that work specifically to increase mental function – focus, attention, memory, speed, creativity, flexibility.

This is huge for performance! If you want to excel in anything, it’s the people who can learn the fastest that rise to the top.

Top 3 Natural Nootropics:
1) Bacopa Monneri – is a small water plant native to India that has been shown to increase memory, visual processing speed, and rate of learning. Takes about 4 weeks to integrate into the body and be effective and the dose studied was at least 750mg/d.
2) L-theanine – is a major component of green and black tea.  It has been shown to promote relaxation and alertness. When combined with caffeine, it has been shown to increase reaction time, memory and mental endurance. The dose studied was 200mg/d.
3) Citicoline – is a brain phospholipid booster to enhance signalling in the brain. Doses of 300mg/d and up have shown to enhance memory.

Supportive nutrients: Gingko Biloba helps to improve brain circulation and Panax Ginseng enhances brain energy.